Outdoor Covered Storage



We offer affordable outdoor covered storage options to keep your personal items in a safe and secure environment.  There is plenty of space to store vehicles, boats, travel trailers, snowmobile equipment, and more to protect your item from the outdoor elements.

Contact us by email, phone or click on the “inquiries” button in this ad to confirm availability and book your space.  See monthly rates on this page.

Office: 613-336-8308

Cell: 905-964-8946

See Size Options

Storage TypeSizePrice
Covered (Small)Under 20 ft X 6 ft$87/mo
Covered (Medium)20 ft x 6 ft & over$98/mo
Covered (Large)Under 20 ft x 8 ft$109/mo
Covered (Extra Large)20 ft x 8 ft & over$142/mo

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